Il potere di costruire mondi scaturisce quando gli esseri umani agiscono insieme, mentre si dilegua quando pretendono di agire da soli. H. Maturana e F. Varela

Laboratorio formativo di progettazione interculturale

Progetto sul tema del dialogo interculturale rivolto a professionisti del settore culturale

Il progetto
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A Heart Assortment Nursing Parts List

The assortment nursing concepts list relies upon the essentials of nursing but integrates a variety of thoughts and philosophies. These theories are designed to help new nursing educators and nursing college students achieve larger instruction in this area. This list…

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When to work with Parentheses in R

When to produce use of parentheses is some thing which has to be regarded. You will find several scenarios exactly where in actual fact the presence of your logo will almost certainly likely be useful, nevertheless within the guidelines concerning…

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What Does Science Say About Gender?

What does science say about gender? It is always intriguing to learn everything the world of science has to say regarding sex. “Gender and Nature” by Mary Ainsworth are one of those novels which covers this topic in thickness. She’s…

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What’s a Math Tactic?

So that you simply want to understand what exactly is a mathematics tactic? Basically to provide you an idea, I’ll sum it up as anything that focuses on that that is named the qualities of the distribution that is regular….