Il potere di costruire mondi scaturisce quando gli esseri umani agiscono insieme, mentre si dilegua quando pretendono di agire da soli. H. Maturana e F. Varela

Laboratorio formativo di progettazione interculturale

Progetto sul tema del dialogo interculturale rivolto a professionisti del settore culturale

Il progetto
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What is addition in mathematics?

We are expressing our relation to the bigger variety As soon as we multiply two amounts. We all do so with just two symbols – parentheses and commas. You may understand these because you’d your good close friends about Facebook…

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Discovering A few Nursing Theories

Studying Numerous Nursing Theories Exploring a variety of nursing concepts is also an exceedingly essential procedure for nursing lecturers. But, it’s certainly not always a fairly easy task to get a general awareness of just what could very well be…